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It is with my great pleasure to announce the new concept we are doing at Harriman’s
farm to table. Chef Michael Giorgio will be creating a menu from the finest and freshest
local meats, cheeses and produce that Vermont has to offer.
The farm to table philosophy embraces a sustainable approach to agriculture and dining.
At its heart, the concept is simple: there is value in eating locally. The movement, which
picked up speed during the first decade of the 21st century, touts the benefits that are
reaped by those who both produce and consume local food--as well as the environment
as a whole. A "locavore" is one who makes a conscious effort to eat food produced in his
surrounding area. While the definition of "local eating" is not hard and fast, a commonly
accepted rule of thumb is to eat only (or mostly) items from within a 100-mile radius of
one's home.
The idea is that such food is fresher and healthier (because it did not have to travel long
distances or be sprayed with life-extending chemicals) as well as less burdensome to the
environment (since the amount of fuel used in transporting produce down the street is
significantly less than in flying it around the world).
Farm to table restaurants take on the locavore mentality as a guiding principle. Such
establishments partner with nearby farms and food producers in order to offer patrons an
ever-changing menu that is both unique and has a strong community connection.
The farm to table concept encourages one to "know thy farmer." Rather than buying a
faceless brand of sugar snap peas at the supermarket, a farm-to-table chef is likely to have
visited the land where her peas have been grown. The produce might have even come
from the restaurant's own land--or roof.
It is through the connection to the land, and the people who work the land, that the
farm to table movement comes full circle. By taking lessons from the ways in which
communities historically sourced and consumed food, and adapting those lessons to
modern times, the philosophy provides a sustainable outlook for the future of food.
I personally invite you to come try Harriman’s farm to table on your next visit and you
have my guaranty that the service will be as memorable as the local flavors you savor.
Alan L. Dellert
Manager Harriman’s farm to table



2012 Vermont Life Wine and Harvest Festival Participant

Village Stroll Soup Contest

Venison and Sugar Pumpkin With Farro

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