Blueberry Block Party

Blueberry Festival Sendoff

There are just two days left in this year's annual Blueberry Festival, but no shortage of activities left! There is no better way for your family to spend their Vermont Vacation. Locals, visits and passersby will all want to be sure to join the festivities in Wilmington!

Still searching how spend your weekend? There's no shortage of things to do in Vermont, but if you want to keep on looking and looking...Wilmington, VT is the place to be! Because this Saturday is the Wilmington Village Blueberry Scavenger Hunt. Think you know Wilmington Village well? Tomorrow's scavenger hunt from 2-6pm will test your detective skills. Stop by the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce for details.

And tomorrow evening's BLUEBERRY BLOCK PARTY at 5pm in downtown Wilmington is not to be missed!

The streets will be bustling with activities for all ages, leaving no one will feeling blue. We'll sure be looking blue though with our blue clothes, to blue beer and of course the blueberry pie eating contest!

The contest starts at 6:00 pm, in front of the Cady and Dugan building. Sorry mom and dad, but this is for children only! (ages 4-12) Call 802-464-8092 to sign up. 

There will be plenty of other delicious, blue treats for the rest of us as well.

And if you've had a few too many blueberries, you can burn them off with dancing, hula hoops, music and more.

Close out the evening with a Blueberry Polish Buffet at the Matterhorn Inn. Blues music will set the mood as you enjoy a glass of blueberry wine and a creative array of other berry-inspired delights.


And even if you miss this Saturday's events, there will be events every Saturday in Wilmington, VT. Thanks to Wilmington, VT's new downtown designation, you can enjoy weekly activities every Saturday afternoon throughout the summer in River Bank Park. 

The events are paid for by a grant from both the Town of Wilmington and the Wilmington Fund VT, intending to exhibit downtown Wilmington as a vibrant spot for shopping, dining and gathering.

Hope to see you there!