Sledding through a winter wonderland

Sledding Through a Winter Wonderland

Kelsey King


The familiar winter breeze whips against your face as you glide down a path through snow-covered trees, eyes wide open as you choose your next move. This isn’t skiing.  Though the feeling of excitement is similar, the way you power your adventure is completely different. You take away those two planks beneath your feet, and replace it with an entire machine. Now, you are not sliding on snow, but you are plowing right over it. This is snowmobiling.


Overall, your day is spent traveling all across Southern Vermont in pursuit of adventure, and finding it as you round each corner. With over 5,000 miles of trails in Vermont to explore, there will always be somewhere new to go. And if that number seems daunting, don’t worry, because there are plenty of guides in the area who are more than happy to help.


While snowmobile trails run all over Vermont, the place to start is in the Deerfield Valley of the Green Mountains in Southern Vermont. Its location to the major cities make this easily accessible, while still offering the beautiful scenery that you’ve come to expect from Vermont, as well as vast areas of untouched nature which can be increasingly rare these days.

Mark Petersen, who owns and operates Snowmobile Vermont, sums up the experience perfectly.


"What makes snowmobiling such a great winter activity is that all ages can participate and there is no other way to experience so much of Mother Nature's magical Winter Wonderland than on a snowmobile. The back country of the Green Mountain National forest and Southern Vermont offer a winter experience like no other in the Northeast."


Petersen or one of the many other experienced guides can craft an adventure that is specifically designed for you. Tell them what kind of journey you are looking for and they will provide it. It can be fast and furious, slow and scenic, or a combination of both in order to maximize your adventure in nature. See for yourself why Petersen and his crew do not have one bad review on Trip Advisor.


Whether you are a frequent skier, adrenaline junkie, lover of all things snow, or just someone who likes to try new things, I cannot recommend this activity enough. There’s nothing like cruising over fresh snow while having complete control of your destination right at your fingertips.

My passion for snow sports drove me to try out this exciting new activity. I love to go fast no matter what I’m doing, so naturally, I fell in love. Whether you ski or ride, you will find that this outdoor adventure offers a similar thrill.


The beauty of these machines is that you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie like me. You can cruise through a winter wonderland at whatever pace you feel most comfortable at. In fact, it’s probably more important you take some time to slow down, so you have an adequate time to soak up the Vermont scenery. Views of Somerset Reservoir, Mount Snow, and Haystack Mountain are all within a short radius of each other, so it’s perfect for a day trip!

Make sure to grab some good company, too. Snowmobiles comfortably fit two, which can be a great solution if you find yourself too nervous to drive. Have a family member or a best bud hop on the sled with you, and take turns between driving and soaking up scenery.


The best way to take advantage of this activity is by planning a few days of fun around it. Perhaps you ski one day, and then when once those legs are good and sore, hop on a snowmobile. Maybe follow that up with an indoor, relaxing spa day to wrap up a long and successful weekend.

Or, if you find yourself as in love with this activity as I am, you’ll take two days on a sled to truly explore the beautiful area of Southern Vermont. Because trust me, a few hours of snowmobiling will not give 5,000 miles of incredible terrain justice. Head one direction your first day, and then explore a completely new area with your recently developed skills on your second day. And as you take off with more confidence on your second day, you can stress less and enjoy more.


So, are you ready to try something new? Something both thrilling and beautiful at the same time? If so, start right here in the Deerfield Valley, and book your adventure today.