WCAX-Burlington heads to Southern Vermont's Deerfield Valley for our Annual Blueberry Festival


Summer is a season of festivals in Vermont and it is a great weekend to be celebrating blueberries.

Friday afternoon, kids and adults started lining up to get on the slip and slide. After sliding down the blue tarp, they then head over to the blueberry Jell-O pits to splash around. Many of the people were covered in blue, in fact the whole valley is covered in blue.

The eighth annual Blueberry Festival brings people from all over to the towns of Wilmington, Jacksonville, Whitingham, Readsboro, Marlboro and Dover for a weeklong event celebrating blueberries.

"I did it here two times with Abby," said Judah Mendelsohn, blueberry picker.

"Yeah, I've been here many, many times and every time I come up here I pretty much do it," said Abigail Mendelsohn, blueberry picker.

The idea for the festival began after Janet Boyd felt discouraged that people weren't coming to Deerfield Valley. 

"I realized that blueberry picking is still very novel to a lot of our tourists. And what better way to introduce the summer than by really just highlighting our most fun crop. So we started a blueberry festival," said Janet Boyd, Boyd Family Farm.
On the first day of the festival Boyd invites families up to the Boyd Family Farm in Wilmington to pick their own blueberries from the farm's 600 blueberry bushes. 

"We ate them," said Judah.

There are more activities as the week progresses like parades, music, food and of course more blueberries. Something Boyd says people look forward to and come back to year after year.

"Collectively the first year we had 57 events. So it's just grown bigger and bigger every year," said Janet. 

Saturday, there's a blueberry pancake breakfast and the annual parade. There are a ton of other events to check out throughout the week in Deerfield Valley.


Here's a few videos of their coverage.

Boyd Family Farm

Sharon Cunningham at the Blueberry Jello Slip & Slide