Take a Page From Me Visit Adams Family Farm Petting Zoo

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Is the weather rainy, windy and below freezing? Are the kids totally out of control in the house and need something to do?  Then take them to Adams Family Farm to visit their petting zoo.  It is amazing and enjoyed by both young and old alike.

As a pseudo retiree living in here a long time, it is easy to forget how wonderful some of the attractions are in the Deerfield Valley.  Sometimes it takes having guests with small children to refresh your memory.  This happened to me.  Irritable two year olds whose parents were at their wit’s end, were tearing their hair out looking for an outlet.  I pulled up the Deerfield Valley Chamber website, www.visitvermont.com, and there I found it…..Adam’s Farm.  I grabbed the phone, called them immediately and got the best three words, “Yes, we’re open. “

Cranky parents who raise their own chickens were very skeptic.  “Um”, they said.  “You know we keep our own chickens”.   I suppose they thought we would be paying to see something they had in their own yard, but they were so wrong.  It took me all day to convince them to go with me and after all the naps and snacks and toddler melt downs, we bundled up the bunch and headed down the road. 


Arriving in the parking lot, the young parents took the kids to the animals hanging on the outside; alpacas, and a goat or two.  I could see them thinking, “OK, the kids got outside and are distracted for 10 minutes, time to bustle them back into the cars”, but I had gone inside and paid for our entrance and got them all to go inside the building.  “More”?  Come on.  We were able to buy a large basket of snacks to feed the animals with a list telling us what type of feed goes to what animals and how to feed them.  The parents were getting psyched, I could tell. 


We weaved our way to the barn and it was incredible to see the little ones get excited, but the parents, yes, the parents went bonkers. Today, it is a petting zoo nursery!  An incredible amount of animal babies!  First up, the bunny yard.  They took the kids inside the yard and actually played with the rabbits.  Cries of joy!  Then to the alpacas, miniature goats, and calves.  What we could feed them all changed, along with the parents.  They were the ones to reach their heads and then feed them.  “Ooh, look at this, Nora”, or “This is how you feed the cow”.    Then we saw all the lambs bounding in their pens, baby goats having a snooze, piglets all feeding at the same time.   I heard from one father, “Let’s get a goat!  We need a goat!” The enthusiasm was contagious….but, what?  We are running out of treats!  A lot of sad comments by the parents, they wanted more even though the kids were ready, finally, to nap.  We had to say goodbye to the animals, time to go.  We had stayed until closing time. As we left, there were some more baby lambs in a box by the front heater to see and from the back of the store I heard, “Look at this!  An Emu egg?  It is GREEN, and we can BUY it?”  It took another 15 minutes for the adults to make their way around all the great merchandise and farm products we could buy.  Frozen packages of beef, pork, rabbit, poultry and fresh eggs, including EMU eggs could be had.  Adams maple syrup, honey, jams, jellies and pickled items were on the shelves and ready to purchase.  The children only focused on the stuffed animals like those real ones in the barn. 



As we wandered back to the car, you could see everyone was happy.  It was a great success, except for one father.  He spent the entire ride home trying to convince his wife that they should go back for the baby goat.   As if she were speaking to her daughter, she said, “Not now, but maybe later”.  Little did she know I would blurt out, “Do you know this place is even better in the warm weather?  More to see like horses and emus!  You have to come back in the summer!”  I am quite certain, they will be back for more and maybe, even that baby goat.

Guest Blogger: Page Avery

 Page Avery fell in love with the Deerfield Valley on her first visit and has been living here ever since as both a full and part timer.  Not even the mud season kept her away!  There is always something new around the corner and never lacks for things to enjoy, for both herself and her many guests of every age, from near and far.  And the season does not matter for her as each one offers completely different experiences.