World Party Day?

 World Party Day is April 3!  

Wait you mean you've never heard of World Party Day?  To be honest I hadn't either.   While searching for some fun, digital promotional arenas I found this nifty calendar.   If you are ever looking for a reason to celebrate, this site gives you a wide variety of reasons and dates.    They include such auspicious dates as: National Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 18th or National Drink Wine Day-February 18th.  I was looking for National Drink Wine Day.  Completely legitimate research to help with additional marketing for this annual festival the Chamber of Commerce produces every year in September.  

You might have heard of it,  The Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival.   

 April 3rd is also Chocolate Mousse Day and Find a Rainbow Day in addition to                        being World Party Day   

                                                          April 3  might be a new trifecta of joy for me.                                                           " World Party Day aims to synchronise a massive, world-wide party to celebrate everything that’s good and optimistic.  Vanna Bonta almost certainly had no idea when she wrote Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel that the idea in the book of a global human celebration would really take off. It has though, and people celebrate in all sorts of ways.  'Pass the food and turn up the music' is a common slogan on World Party Day, but it doesn’t really matter how you celebrate, or even whether you celebrate alone or in company. The premise is that everyone in the world is joined in party, so you can really do anything you like as long as it involves celebrating the joy of existence." ©-2016 Days Of The Year LTD  

Great sentiments and appropriately enough we have  great  events to help close out the winter season and celebrate World Party Day.  In the valley we have so many events that we are going to start the celebration early and go all weekend long.   Taste and learn all about everyone's favorite Vermont signature sweet & sappy products at the Whitingham Maple Festival April 2-3.   

Mount Snow Resort's signature event  this coming weekend is the 8th Annual Winter Brewers Festival on April 2.  Not sure if you've heard but Vermont has been gaining a reputation for having more craft breweries per capita than any other state in the nation.   Our state is also home to some of the most highly rated beers in the world.  Brewers +Live Music+Craft Beer + Mount Snow + Vermont = A great way for craft beer enthusiasts to join in the weekend festivities.  

 Finish off your weekend with a cheers to and from the locals, a bittersweet goodbye to all of our winter seasonal employee friends from around the globe, and some great music at Club Dud at OMT on Sunday April 3.  Great food and if you hadn't heard, The Peter Miles Band is going to be rocking this end of the season party.  

Hope to see a lot of new and familiar faces this weekend helping us to celebrate World Party Day! 

Actually...we like to celebrate a little more often than one day a year..  Join us year round in Southern Vermont's Deerfield Valley and enjoy our beautiful valley, local characters, great food, the great outdoors and so much more!


To be clear alcohol consumption is not required or even neccessarily advocated to celebrating the joy of existence . 

Posted by Sharon