Your Cheat Sheet to the First Annual 2017 Craft Brew and Chili Stroll

Your Cheat Sheet to the First Annual 2017 Craft Brew and Chili Stroll

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Do you know the difference between an ale, lager, stout, and malt? Most of us just drink what we like but probably don’t know the flavors, ingredients and origins about each brew! With the Craft Brew and Chili Stroll approaching at the end of March we want to be prepared for a night of local brews! The stroll will take place in downtown Wilmington; tickets are $10 in advance and $15 the day of, it will include a reusable cup and one raffle ticket for your chance to win a four pack of Heady Topper, a four pack Tree House Sampler, or other awesome prizes! The raffle will take place at 8 at the Wilmington Inn! they will have $4 Uncanny Valley IPA from Burlington Beer Compnay for sale. You can buy additional raffle tickets for $5 each or 5 for $20.






-Fermented at relatively warm temperatures for short periods of time, with top-fermenting yeasts 

-Fuller Bodied

-Robust and complex with fruit and malt aromas

-Includes bitters, milds, abbey ales, pale ales, nut browns, etc.…


-Originated from the German word meaning ‘to store’

-Cold fermented for longer periods of time, with bottom-fermenting yeasts

-Can range from sweet to bitter and pale to black, though most are pale to medium color

-World’s most popular beer


Stouts and Porters

-Slight difference between the two

-Both dark, nearly black and made by a top fermenting style

-Stouts are not as sweet, has a rich creamy head, flavored and colored by barely 

-Stouts often use a portion of unmalted roasted barley to develop a dark coffee like character



-Dark and sweeter in flavor
-Hints of caramel, toffee, and nuts

-Light to full bodied



-Most commonly made from the fermented juice of apples but can be made from other fruit






Brews Found on our Stroll

Hoping to take some craft brews home with you after the stroll? Ratu's Liquor has you covered... with a special selection and restock before the stroll, they have the freshest brews in Southern Vermont. 





Alchemist- Heady Topper, Focal Banger, and Skadoosh are just a few names that might come to mind when you think of this Stowe based brewery. Alchemist brews have a very loyal fan base to say the least. The Heady Topper IPA has a perfect rating of 100 on As Alchemist is usually only distributed 35 miles away from the factory, it’s a rare opportunity for Southern Vermont brew heads to sample their glorious creations, we will have Focal Banger on the stroll and plenty of Heady Topper to raffle .





Tree House Brew
in Monson, Massachusetts is one of the most sought after brews in New England. The witty names for their beers are just one detail that makes the beer so great! They have a variety of ales, with rotational offerings being served at the brewery.  They take pride on freshness, quality and consistency. If you haven’t sampled their beer, the craft brew and chili stroll will be the perfect opportunity to try to win a four pack!


Stowe Cider is located in Stowe, Vermont with their wide selection of ciders this brewery tops our list of favorite local ciders. They offer a variety of fruit ciders including strawberry, raspberry, and a berry blend… not to mention their gin and juice!




Trout River Brewery was founded in 1996, making it one of the original players in the craft brew movement. The brewery was founded by Dan and Laura Gates, but has since been taken over by new ownership. Their goal is to keep the traditions of the original brews

Created over the years while adding their own spin on things! The brews range from ales to double IPAs, and even a chocolate oatmeal stout! For more information visit their website 



Rock Art is brewed in Morrisville, Vermont from ales to IPAs to stouts; they have truly dedicated themselves to brewing beer that will make each person happy.





 Stay tuned for more exciting beers still being added! See you in Wilmington on March 31! 


 A big Thank You to our marketing sponsers, Calmont Beverage and Ratus Liquor and Market