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Each Chamber member has their own listing on our website, These listings include a business description, photo gallery, contact information, and links to the business’s website and social media sites. With over 360,000 annual visitors to our site, a listing on our website doubtlessly provides invaluable promotion for our members.


 Additional Advertising

In an effort to help Chamber Members increase their business revenue and public exposure, our Chamber website offers two ways to advertise and be seen by the over 360,000 annual visitors to our site. The two website advertising opportunities are:


1)      Spotlight ads: Throughout our site, you can see single business ads that look like they belong on the page you are visiting. In fact, these business listings are single paid ads, generated in random order, that rotate for each visitor viewing the site.

For example, on the home-page you can see the "Spotlight" ad to the right of the Events Calendar. This Spotlight ad will rotate every time someone visits the page. Similarly, these Spotlight ads can be seen on the right-hand side of the "Stay", "Eat", "Play", "Events" and "Shop" pages. Again, these are generated in random order and change every time that page is visited by a consumer.

All totaled, there are 16 opportunities for your business listing to be seen by each consumer that visits the site. Since each ad is generated randomly, your ad may appear in more than one place throughout the site each time a consumer visits the page. To purchase a spotlight website ad, please contact us.


2)      Frontpage rotational ads: The first thing you see when you visit our website is the beautiful rotating photo of an outdoor Vermont scene. These rotating photos are not just visually appealing, they are also linked ads that include your business logo and a direct link to your website.

Three ads rotate each time a visitor visits the site, each with a different link to a different Chamber business. The cost for one of these rotating image ads is $500/quarter. The advertising quarters are: Nov-Jan, Feb-Apr, May-July, August-Oct.

To purchase a front-page image website ad, please contact us.


Sponsorship Opportunities

The Chamber of Commerce plans and actively participates in many of the events that draw visitors, shoppers, and diners to the Deerfield Valley. Sponsorships allow your business to show its support for the community.  The additional event promotional materials ensure that your business receives increased visibility and more traffic.

We are now seeking sponsors for the following 2021 events:



Social Media Marketing


Membership with the Chamber gets your business free promotion to the almost 8,000 followers that we have across our social media platforms. This is an invaluable way to further boost the latest updates, events, and happenings of your local business!