Picture of lake with trees at sunset.

Photographers & Videographers Wanted!

The Bi-Town Marketing Committee, a sub-committee of the Bi-Town Economic Development Committee organized by the Towns’ of Wilmington and Dover, has been approved for funding for videographers, photographers, and other content creation. The committee now seeks qualified videographers and photographers to create a collection of photos and video footage clips to be used as part of a digital/social media marketing campaign. The focus of the current scope of work would be for summer and fall marketing campaigns. 

The project shot list includes images or footage of hiking, cross country biking, and water sports during summer and fall foliage. Also included are scenic area shots (especially during fall foliage) as well as general shots of area dining, downtown Wilmington, and the village center of Dover.

Since time is of the essence, more than one photographer and/or videographer may be chosen to complete the work. Local photographers/videographers with existing content encompassing all or part of the requirements are encouraged to submit.

For a full shot list and details, the full RFQ can be accessed at: 



For more information, contact: 

Eric Durocher
Economic Development – Dover, VT
PO Box 527
West Dover, VT 05356
Questions: Eric Durocher (802)464-5100 x4  or econdev@doververmont.com

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