Jim McGrath Gallery and Open Studio

  • Jim McGrath Gallery at Pickwell House

Over the past ten years Jim McGrath has been living his lifelong dream as a recognized artist, art teacher and for the last seven years, a gallery owner.

His distinctive light infused, almost ethereal style of painting has attracted the attention from galleries and shows across the Northeast.

Born in Worcester, Mass. McGrath remembers being fascinated by Rembrant’s ‘Dutch Masters’ painting on his Dad’s cigar box! “ It wasn’t the subject matter that interested me, it was the way the light played against those dark images that completely captured me and still does to this day.

Although no art courses were then offered in his school system growing up, his talents did not go unnoticed and with guidance and some coaxing from some interested teachers, McGrath compiled a portfolio that was accepted at  R.I. School of Design and  UMass School of Art, however, for practical and financial reasons he attended Wentworth Institute in Boston majoring in design technology instead. In the following years Mcgrath continued to advance his training and skills by attending workshops and art groups wherever possible. He has completed courses at the Woodstock School of Art , Community College of Brattleboro and River Gallery School in Brattleboro.

Further recognition of his talent occurred when he was invited as ‘ Artist in Residence’ at the Kaos Gallery in Wilmington, Vt in 2002 in which time he began offering instruction as well.

McGrath’s work has been represented at numerous galleries and shows throughout New England and New York and has become part of private and corporate collections nationwide.