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Freedom Publication inc. was founded in 1990 on the premise that residents of medium-sized communities will prefer to use a handy, local directory over a large, regional phone book published by telephone company. The success of our "little phone books" has proven this true. Our advertisers enjoy outstanding value and often save money by minimizing ad purchases in (or skipping entirely) the larger regional publications, where they would have to pay for high rates for extra coverage they may not need. 

Our company enjoyed steady growth for more than a decade until health problems befell two of the original partners in 2002, forcing them to seek a buyer for the otherwise thriving business. In July 2003, Addison Press, Inc. acquired five of Freedom' directories and relocated operations from Chester, Vt. to Middlebury, Vt. 

Addison Press, Inc. is a Vermont-owned publisher not affiliated with any telephone company.