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Alpenglow bistro charcuterie board

Alpenglow Bistro

Nestled in the heart of downtown Wilmington Vermont, Alpenglow Alpine Bistro exudes a feeling of warmth,  friendliness, and a sense of belonging which guests experience in our cozy and sumptuous mountain abode.

Our menu feels like a slice of Switzerland in the Green Mountains with French Patisserie Fruit Tart, Homemade Bavarian Pretzel Board, Chilled Summer Soup, & Savory Crêpes as well as Steak Tartare, and a delectable drink menu including cafe favorites, international single malt whiskey, cognac and ports. For dessert: strudel, anyone?

​Mountain scenes adorn the walls, while soft sensual fabrics dress the comfy chairs. A street-level patio invites guests to relax, sip champagne and watch the world go by!

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