MHCA, Inc formerly the Memorial Hall Center for the Arts

MHCA, Inc formerly the Memorial Hall Center for the Arts

MHCA is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit charitable arts organization founded in 1997.

Our mission: to engage the community in the arts.

Governed by an all-volunteer board of directors, MHCA strives to present a rich and diverse program of professional performances. For seventeen seasons, MHCA primarily presented Broadway cabaret, classical, blues, jazz, nostalgia, and folk concerts and at least one play from a local community theatre troupe, typically in the summer or early fall. With the move to its new home in dover, MHCA expands into the world of cinema, while maintaining its dedication to present the live performances that filled its programming in years past.

Serving not only dover, but all the residents and visitors of Southern Vermont, Southwestern Sew Hampshire, and the Berkshires of Massachusetts, MHCA continues to attract an ever-widening audience. Ticket sales alone, however, do not cover the expenses of operation and capital improvements.

Your financial support through membership provides the means for you to share in our mission of expanding the arts in our community. Please consider the importance of our mission. Become a member.

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