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Be a Blog Author

The Bi-Town Marketing Committee was created to foster an environment for collaboratively building visitor and new resident traffic to the Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley towns primarily through increased digital marketing. The comprehensive plan includes funding for independent blog posts featuring key activities in Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley towns identified by the Bi-Town Marketing Committee. Funded by a grant paid for by the 1% local option tax from the towns of Wilmington & Dover.

Blog authors are asked to submit a writing sample as well as a completed Key Activities interest form. Blogs will be hosted on the Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce website,

Guidelines for Blog Articles

  1. Contact for approval of topic prior to writing the blog.
  2. Blog Content
  3. All content of blog posts will be composed of no less than 75% of original content.
    1. Original Content 500-800 words about Key Activity
    2. Photo image files that authors own the rights to, if they believe they are applicable
  4. If author images are used, author must sign a release form for each image. 
    1. Link back to author’s blog when applicable.
  5. Keywords in article must include:
    1. Southern Vermont
    2. Deerfield Valley

Once all conditions have been met, and blog article has been accepted author will receive $50 payment per blog article.

Please complete the application and submit digitally as an attachment to:

Ethan Schoonmaker, Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce

Complete Applications include:

  1. Writing Sample – This may include links to specific digitally published works.
  2. Completed Key Activities Sheet
  3. Signature/Date

SVDV Chamber of Commerce